Video of Two Mag Fu**ers from Trannyshack UK Album

Vienna, Nails, Media Whore and Insanity of Modern Celebrity

Soooooooooo......beginning of February I went to Vienna to do a sing song at a new gay night Think Pink which was quite fun. Cyberqueen Zoly did a cracking show too-that guy know how to weerrrk it I tells ya.
Getting changed in the backstage area with pumped up muscle marys and go-go girls with fake boobies reminded me how much the clubbing scene I work in London now differs so much from Vienna.

Nice to bump into old faces I hadn’t seen in ages too.
Friday popped to see my kitty cats in their new home. God I still miss them but wasn’t as heartbreaking as the last time as I’ve learned to let go and happy to see they are content with Ingrid (even though seeing Monkey pick on Merkin still sadness me).
Spent the rest of the weekend with the amazing and wonderful Mr Eddie Cole. We had popcorn, watched silly things on TV, drank vodka and talked to ‘Frank’.
Saturday, we went to see The Rounder Girls perform at an anti racism thing which was a good laugh. The girls do this thing during their performance of Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves where they break it down and each freestyle over each other. Seen it loads of time but always makes the hair on my neck stand up. I want Lynne Kierans voice! She’s been a huge inspiration to me and both her and Eddie have given me a lot of good advice about the ‘industry’.

Eddie, Marcello Denardo and I then went to Why Not. Luckily Sasha (Drag code name Charlotte) now runs it so got us in for free and gave us a few cheeky tipples. We danced and drank and danced some more. Eddie was on top form and I haven’t laughed so much in ages!
Before I went back, had lunch with my good friend and photographic collaborator, Armin Bardel. Had a lovely Tafel Spitz and catch up.
All in all a great working and play weekend.

Photos from the whole she-bang here

Upon returning, went the Kokon to Zai Fashion Party hosted by Jodie Harsh. That was good fun until some county bastard stole my bag (twice in a month-aaargh!!!) literally put it down to move to a new seat turned and it was gone. Decided to leave as felt pretty fucked off and decided to have a quick look in the loos in case someone had slung it in there, only to have someone slam my fingers in the door. The nails on my ring and middle finger on my left hand are still quite fucked.

Later that week I was on the judging panel for the Trannyshack Pageant (pretty poor show to be honest and having people come up to me after asking why they didn’t win was a bit disheartening.)

Have been getting back into college (well I am doing a Fine Art Masters and should be showing my face more regularly) Gave a presentation of my work and have now been asked to give a lecture about it. Ha!! Holestar the visiting lecturer!

Been a bit of a media whore lately too. Have appeared in no less than 5 magazines in the last two months Gib (Austrian Gay Mag-not too chuffed with what they did and the old naff photos they used), AXM (Interview and pic from the Horse Meat Disco Vogue Ball competition I won), Front cover of QX with the Trannyshack gals for the album launch, Boyz (same), Love It! (Very funny. Did a Mistress piece about trampling. The reason I did it was to show how journalists change things to suit their readership. I recorded the interview on my dictaphone and will blow up the mag article so people can see what is written and hear what was actually said.) and QX again with a full page interview and ad for my solo show. (Click here to read it).

DJed for Colin Rothbarts’ big birthday do. Mamma Shamone tore it up as did Miss Odd Kid in the kitchen. I ended up playing on the worst DJ console known to man for hours so relied on playing party tunes which worked. My very good bud Tom Oke played too. I’ve always known he is a good DJ but he really blew me away. That boy needs gigs!!!
Got absolutely trolleys and met the fabulous Peter Glam and Dean Pervert. So nice to be at a party full of amazingly creative and inspiring people.

Following week did Nude at Ministry of Sound with Jonny Woo, Russela Ryan Styles and Mr Teds. Theme was Neon Orgy. First up we were Gods and Goddesses. I was Juno the Goddess of fertility so had my strap-on on (again). Wankerish crowd were pulling at it so every time one of them did, I made them suck it. I don’t know what it is with that kind of crowd, they see a freak on stage and think they have the right to touch us. Fucks.
The next two sets were in the bar which were much more fun. Long night but love working with those guys.

Wednesday 14th was the premiere of my new show, ‘It Ain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It’.
Started off doing new track I’ve done with Scott Houzet called ‘Show Me Your Banana’ which is uber uber gay (go and have a listen on my myspace page Then did a little Holestar bootleg medley followed by my new concept performance piece ‘The Insanity of Modern Celebrity’.

In a nutshell, the piece is about the rise of media driven modern celebrity, where talent isn’t necessary to be famous.
What happens when the fame and adulation is taken away, there is nothing but a media persona, nothing to fall back on and nobody is interested in who you are anymore?
My twisted take is that you go crazy and lose focus with reality. There are constant reports of so-called celebs going into rehab for drug and mental reasons, is this a by-product of fame? I see fame as the drug of the 21st century and is clearly highly addictive, evident by the endless amount of people who put themselves up for reality TV shows and do all they can to retain their spot in the light.
Anna Nicole Smith was a perfect example of this; she wanted fame and aspired to be Marilyn Monroe. Did that desire for fame ultimately cause her demise? Interesting that her death is shrouded by similar conspiracy as Monroe.

There has always been humour in my art work (shame most of it is not online, was removed as it was considered immoral and disgusting by the site providers, heh) and ’The Insanity of Modern Celebrity’ is an attempt to make performance art more accessible and entertaining in what some would consider a low brow and populist medium.
Art for all I say. Lets not confine it merely to the gallery, let everyone have a gander and enjoy.
If people don’t get the concept, that’s fine. I intend for them to be entertained regardless how they receive it.

In it, I lip synch and have taken many audio sources from TV, ads, films, music and edited them together (a long and painful process!) so its all very quick and uses things from Mommy Dearest, French & Saunders, Shake n Vac, Prince, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Gnarls Barkley, Nikki Big Brother, X Factor and the end part of Pink Flamingos.

Video of Show Me Your Banana(with Vanilla Lush and Ritzy Crackers throwing around some bananas and being slutty)

Video of Bootleg Medley

Video of The Insanity of Modern Celebrity
On its way

Then there was the Kavinsky EP launch party at Sin (nice looking but awful club. £4 for a beer!!) Whole thing from start to finish was incredible!! DJ Mehdi knows how to work a crowd into a frothy froth! SebastiAn, Surkin and Kavinsky also played (Justice, Oizo and Buzy P didn’t show-bah) and the whole thing was top top drawer! A few of us stumbled to the dodgy bar on Hanway Street after. Tom and I were very very battered!

The Saturday I did a turn at Bastards’ new home, The Macbeth. Did Two Magdalene Fuckers as the E-Jitz were in the house from Aberdeen, The Insanity of Modern Celebrity again (better the second time, felt more relaxed) and Andy Dunproofins’ Pussy Cat Party as a finale. Good reaction, enjoyed it.

Video of Two Mag Fucks

Finally have a copy of the Trannyshack album. Rather pissed off with the record company that they haven’t credited E-Jitz anywhere on the CD or DVD. Name is also spelt wrong. It’s listed as Hideaway (Two Magdaline Fuckers) - Holestar. Wrong.
I insisted that it be E-Jitz featuring Holestar and that they get a credit for the track as it’s not mine, my idea or concept, I’ve just covered their original bootleg. I believe credit should be where it’s due.

Next week I’m off to New York. The Big Apple (or the Big Banana as my good friend Chris likes to call it).
Exciting. Its my first time and a bit nervous. Got three shows (one that I was really looking forward to got cancelled but hey, 3 is good for a nobody like moi), tickets to see Joan Rivers (friend of a friend job), going to an Ed Banger party (should be interesting to see how an American crowd react to their crazy shin digs) and have been told by my Mother to go and see a Broadway musical. I’m going to plum for Hairspray I think. Would be incredibly rude not to yeah?