Singstar Extravaganza Pics and Together at Turnmills...

Last night was the Singstar Extravaganza which was a bit of a farce and nobody really knew what was going on but I won a trophy for singing Groove is in the Heart.
Disappointed our house lost overall even though we won most of the categories….. Told later that it was all pre planned who would win. Fzzzz

Good laugh at the end of it all.

Next weeks Bistrotheque Ball in THE Ball to get excited about. I’m walking in the International Royals category. Might drink gin and piss myself on stage…dunno yet.

Tomorrow is Together at Turnmills which is going to be HUMONGOUS


Then I’m going to collapse in a corner and try and find a good and cheap place to go on holigay…I need one!

GYBOat Party & Gay Bingo

Ooooouch I hurt.
GYBOat Party went very well (despite the rain) but I drank until my head hurt.
Big thanks to those who played-most of who traveled quiet a distance to get here (Lenlow from Boston, Eve Massacre and Deep Disco Force from Germany, Dunproofin and McSleazy from Scotland).
Was a headache to organise but went well on the day.
Odd being on a boat full of music mongs (who mong on with little dancing going on until the end. I was sure the Pirate Soundsystem would have induced a rave/knees up.
Music people.....they make music, play music but don't dance to it.

Anywhoo.....big up to Freelance Hellraiser, Osymyso, Soundhog, McSleazy, Dunproofin, Pirate Soundsystem, Cartel Communique, Eve Massacre, Lenlow and The_Dr.
And Peter - the guv from the boat.

Will there be one next year? Dunno.
I did a lot of work for no money. I don't mind doing a few projects for nothing but doing it for love doesn't pay the bills.
GYBOat Party Photos

Sunday was a Madonna special at Gay Bingo which was fun.
I did 'Over and Over' and played it out quiet literally. Drank and poured vodka over myself and took pills. Kept falling over in a stupor but as the song goes 'I get up again, over and over'. See what I did there?!

Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher, John Sizzle, Marc with a C and I performed. Russella put on her face, walked around and took it off again. Loon.

Gay Bingo Photos

Got two live singing gigs this week - Thursday is Singstar thing at Cafe De Paris and Saturday is Together at Turnmills!!! Fuck seeing me...look at the rest of the line up!!


Gazelland Party Press (yay but a little meh...)


So I'm very happy we got some press-but it seems the gay press are merely interested in certain factors.

I organised the whole she-bag, didn't perform like it suggests. Nelly didn't play on the night. Gazelle is the editor of the mag and came all the way from New York. Namalee is not a tranny.
Jody, Pete and Kimberley are big names but they were guests (no offence to you girls :-). There was very little mention of the performers and artists who had worked hard for this event and deserve props.

Oh I forget....Boyz is heat magzine for gays.

Of course I'm going to notice the minor details that nobody else will as it was my project.....probably should be grateful that the event received anything but I like to see credit where its due.
That's probably me screwed for any publicity in the future but do I really care? I'm not into sucking up to anyone and 'playing the game'. Boring!!!

Thank you once again to all the fabulous people involved-it really was a great night.
Again….the role call of the fabulous….

Gazelle, Stefan, Dusty O, Richard Torry , Mathew Glamorre, Paul Morgan, Bishi, Mika Doll, Namalee N the Namazonz, Chycca, Suppositori Spelling, Samar, DAVID, Elliot Fu, Malcom Pate, Christian and Tasty Tim.

I've received a ridiculous amount of friends requests on myspace since (where do you people come from?) and have had requests asking me to promote other parties but I really couldn't do it full time. Too much stress, too many annoying factors involved in the process etc. I will be doing another party in the future though….

ART WATCH………Go and see the Anthony Gormley-Blind Light exhibition at the Hayward (brilliant, disorientating, stays with you for a while after, though provoking but fun…everything art should be), the summer expo at the Royal Academy (can somebody please buy me the smoking rabbit?), Keith Arnatt and Chris Coekin shows at the Photographers Gallery and Paul Insect at Lazarides Gallery.
First time in a while I've enjoyed so many big shows.
Oh and you really should also go and see my show at Circus, 58 Marylebone High Street. Exhibition is on till 5th November ;-)
Will probably pop in to the Warhol vs. Bansky show at Hospital tomorrow. Brilliant concept.

P.S. I've just watched The Nolans doing 'I'm in the mood for dancing' on Loose Women. LOVE the choreography! Simple but works.

P.P.S Field Day Saturday!!! Woo!!

“I’m selling out, I want the world to know, I’m on a TV show”

I shot a rather cheesy thing for a new TV station that will be launched on freeview soon. Its giving me an excellent internal insight into the power of the media and celebrity (which my Masters thesis will be based on).
TV - I’m not desperate for that kind of exposure and adulation. If it happens naturally then great but its not something I’m chasing to raise my profile.
They have offered me something else which would be bloody hilarious (but would be very hard to remain serious and not take the piss. Its at the heart of my fascination with the desire to be famous without any talent behind it). We’ll see how things go. I’m really not arsed about being on TV and won’t do it for nothing.

Yeah I’m a whore but we’ve all got our price and I never said I wouldn’t do TV.
Do I want to be a grumpy, starving artist with lots of integrity but no shoes or a comfortable one who uses the opportunities thrown at me and furthering my artistic development for my own means? The later thanks.
I’ve already had certain members of the artistic community tell me I can’t flit between fine art and populist entertainment. Erm why the fuck not? Who created these rules? They are meant to be broken. So there.

Straight after being in full drag in a TV studio saying silly sound bites and rolling my eyes around, I went to see his royal purple majesty, Prince at the 02. Wow!!! The little bugger made me weep.
I’m not religious but I did for a minute understand how religious nutters get high worshiping an omniscient celestial being. Watching him play his guitar and truly love playing with other amazing musicians, I felt a feeling of total hero worship I’ve never experienced before and got a little teary eyed.
My partner kept trying to talk to me through the show but I was mesmerised for most of it.
AMAZING! And will definitely be going again (for £31.21 it would be rude not to). Tracks of the night for me, Controversy and Lets Go Crazy. OK Planet Earth has 2 decent songs on it and his work isn’t as funky as he was (I blame his God love) but the guy is a true musical genius and does what he does very very well.

I’ve had a great year for live music so far; Justice, Daft Punk, Bjork, Bassey, Sly and the Family Stone, Blondie, Prince and I hear Stevie Wonder is coming to town. Oh my!!!!

After party turned quite unintentionally messy. Very much so.
Saturday was spent in bed feeling rough as fuck.

Sunday was the 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park. Stunning day and well organised event except for a few things. Need more bars and more bogs!
Only 2 bars on site and having to queue for 30 mins for a piss next to some pikey fun fair with the MC giving it “scream if you want to go faster, don’t be shy give it a try etc etc” wasn’t much fun.
Plus the sound on the main stage was pretty arse unless you were stood right in front of the stage (but guess they have sound restrictions) but besides that…all good. Har Mar Superstar did his clothes removing routine, telling everyone he was going to fuck them and the water scene from Flashdance. He is rather bloody good and deserves more props but possibly too rude to be mainstream.

Next week is Field Day Festival so Justice live for the third time this year (not to be sniffed at though). Should be good!!
Week after is the GYBO 5th Anniveresary Boat party that I've organised (secretly wishing I hadn't tbh, Should be fun for the most part but there are some people who are sure to annoy the shit out of me) and then Together at Turnmills the following weekend. The press release says

"Holestar-The UK's only Tranny with a Fanny. Hilarious."

Erm cheers...

I do need a holiday. Somewhere chilled where I don’t have to worry about wigs.
New York and Turkey were work and I've not been on a proper "forget about everything, turn the phone off, leave me alone" holiday since Morocco over two years ago.

Till next time...


Gazelland Party-The Aftermath

Thank you so much for the comments and messages about last nights Gazelland party at Trannyshack-glad that people enjoyed it and had a good time.

I'm very happy with how it all went-big queue, full all night, great atmosphere. Brilliant. Really couldn't have gone better.

I have been asked to do more parties but truth be told-as much as I enjoyed promoting it (despite the stress of certain annoying factors that made things difficult) I'm an artist first, then performer, followed by dj, dominatrix and finally promoter.
Its not as easy as people think and though I will do it again for sure, I couldn't do it full time. I've got too many other projects that need attention.

Big thanks to Gazelle (for flying in from NYC just for the party and creating such a fabulous magazine-its truly amazing), Stefan, Dusty O, Paul Morgan, Bishi, Mika Doll, Namalee, Chycca, Suppositori Spelling, David, Elliot, Malcom, Christian (for my HUGE wig), Tasty Tim, Richard Torry and Mathew Glamorre.
Special mention to all the fabulous people who really made an effort and dressed up. Was excellent to see such chic freak expressionism going on in one space.
Viva la difference!

(For those who missed their copy of gazelland-The Skin Issue, you can order it from )

All photos by Paul Morgan