Drag makeup tutorial for Beige magazine

I've been asked numerous times to do a makeup tutorial but there are so many good ones on the internet these day I didn't see the need to add to them but I was asked by the marvelous Beige Magazine to do one in conjunction with Cosmetics à La Carte.

I've still a lot to learn about makeup but I scrub up reasonably well considering I'm self taught and didn't wear makeup until my early twenties. And shock, my pasty corned beef skin in full effect!
Some handy hints have been fast forwarded but here's a basic look of mine (and to think I had to take this all off and then run across town to put it all back on for my window performance before my recent solo show. Showbiz babes).

Sorry I'm A Lady - Free mp3 Download!

So it's here, my first full length solo show commences this week and to celebrate, here's a free download of my cover of Bacarra's - Sorry I'm A Lady.

The show takes in my journey from the army, being a dominatrix and gender bending showgirl with reinterpretations of my 'hits'. I'll be getting my Gilbert & George on in the window of Vogue Fabrics from 6-8pm, doors at 8 and the main event at 8.30.  Saturday finishes with my own disco party night POP!

Tickets and info and interview I did for Beige magazine.

Do hope you'll pop down